Bring To Life Inspired By Your Personal Stories

Founded by Irish import and design talent Neve Cussen, AppleLeaf Interiors was established in 2012.

For over a decade, Neve has been using her broad range of experience and intuitive design skills to bring personality and warmth to residential and commercial spaces across Perth.

Drawing upon her own eclectic, yet practical and functional style, and the personal tastes of her clients, Neve expertly comes up with fresh and exciting interior design ideas to create inspired spaces that are beautiful and liveable.

Neve focuses on weaving her clients’ stories throughout the design, letting them shape the final aesthetic of the space. This offers a truly personal touch that beautifully reflects the clients she works with and helps them to own the space as their own. With her expert guidance, the end result is a space that is infused with personality and resonance.

With a little black book bulging with valuable industry contacts, Neve is able to source premium products and services for her clients at a fraction of the retail price.  This saves them both time and money and ensures the entire experience is as effortless as possible, with the greatest end result achieved for the investment made.

Neve’s drafting and 3D skills are indispensable to the design process and especially to clients who entrust her with the design of cabinetry work and bespoke furniture as an added bonus to compliment their projects.

By managing projects from start to finish, Neve is able to preserve the integrity of the original interior design ideas and concepts at every step, assisting projects to be managed well from a time perspective and to, where ever possible to stay on budget.

Neve Cussen Interior Designer

Neve Cussen

AppleLeaf Interiors

A Point Of Difference About Neve And AppleLeaf Interiors

Having spent a large part of her life working as a qualified Chef, Neve has a fascination with kitchen design and layout.  During those 13 yrs as a soux chef she worked all over the world and was able to experience how both residential to commercial kitchens run.

Having witnessed the result of both successful and unsuccessful design, Neve is committed to assisting her clients to achieve optimal movements and flow in the spaces she designs with and for them.

How Did Neve’s Interior Design Career Start?

While living in Boston in US Neve worked in a company where she was required to go into different buildings, showrooms and galleries and found herself interested in design.  When she moved back to Ireland from the US Neve realised she had a great opportunity to change careers and within no time found herself back in college studying interior design.

Neve was instantly committed to her new career path and as she says “I wanted to get some instant experience so got myself a job working for a local designer for 12 months which I did for free.  Based in the County Clare region of Ireland, the designers work was regularly published and she was well known for hotels and one off builds, with high established clients.  My employer led a very successful referral driven business and I learned so much.

The projects were so diverse.  We covered everything from commercial to residential; the full scope from drawings through to design of custom pieces.  I learned to claim my own style, understood the importance of quality and working with my clients to achieve their dreams and visions by giving them the best of my experience.”

Following this Neve completed her drafting training when she came to Australia because she found a real need for it in her newly adopted country.

“I’m grateful now for this additional training and expertise as it’s a key feature of the experience I provide clients.  In order to create the best final outcome you need to understand more than how colours and accessories work in a space.  You need to know how all parts of the space, the structural and the aesthetics, fit together and work with each other

What sets me apart?

I create the most incredible 3D’s for my clients so they can really see exactly what’s going to come to life.  I love hearing them say “it’s exactly like you showed us in the 3D model” when a client sees the end product.  It’s as exciting as them saying “you completely got what was in my head” and “I didn’t know if it was possible but now I can see it is”

I love being able to find solutions that clients never imagined were possible.  Seeing their faces go from complete hesitation to sheer excitement and enthusiasm is something I will always love.

As a busy Mum I’m always being stretched to project manage to get through the day.  It’s a juggle to get it all done, just as it is with a design project for a client, but there’s great satisfaction when we get to the end of each new day and have made progress.

I love to shop, but what I love most is sourcing pieces that are unique and really reflect a client’s personality.  When I can get them at great prices it’s even better. I think you totally want a designer to be open about their love of shopping and how they get motivated by finding just the right pieces at just the right prices for you.

Wether its lighting or designing custom furniture pieces for you, I’m with you every step of the way.”

The Valued Appleleaf Interior Clients

“I’ve worked with a wide range of fabulous people and love being able to apply my knowledge and share the value of my network with everyone I work with.

A large percentage of Neve’s clients have been from word of mouth referrals, a testament to the happy clients she’s supported over the years.  In addition, as an example of her design expertise she’s worked on significant projects for

  • Charlie Cassella Homes – One off custom, unique residential homes
  • Richmond (WA Pty Ltd) Builders – Commercial warehouses and offices
  • Tilt Up Panels – Property Developers

What Do AppleLeaf Interiors Clients Value?

They are busy people who value the end result of hiring and working with a professional designer.  They have a broad concept but don’t know how to bring it to life so they look for an experienced project manager to coordinate the entire project and turn their visions to reality.

Neve is also able to successfully project management from a distance, having worked with a range of clients who were moving back to Perth from overseas.  In these instances Neve steps in as both designer and coordinator to manage the entire renovation or interior makeover.  It’s a valuable asset her clients value significantly.