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Before we get started on the renovation, an initial consultation is required to scope out the space and collect your ideas. This consultation can be booked and purchased below.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I hire a designer?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the value of a designer when there seems to be so much on the internet that tells homeowners how to do their own design work. Indeed, you can do it yourself, but a designer will:

  • Come up with amazing designs for Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Determine and design the correct sizing of furniture or built-ins and work out the best room layout
  • Offer suggestions or shopping locations you may not have thought of or have heard about
  • Provide valuable time management solutions and eliminate slowdowns in decision making
  • Create more effective communication between you and the contractor
  • Interpret your ‎vision into something achievable
  • Bring experience to the table as well as trades, companies or suppliers that have a good record of service
  • Be a calming presence during what can be a difficult time for some people
  • A designer is your advocate on-site, making sure you get the best space possible. They can often see things that contractors missed
How do we start to work together?

There are two ways we can start working together.

Option 1. Book a free 30-minute discovery call so we can chat briefly about your project.

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Option 2. Initial Consultation

This initial consultation is designed to clarify your vision and get clear on what can be achieved with your layout and budget.


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The initial consultation is a starting point. It is the first phase of working together, with the design phase and design management phase priced separately depending on the project.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have a preferred builder or team of trades?

We do not have a preferred builder as such, however we do have a list of builders and trades people we work with on a regular basis. Depending on the size or scale of your renovation we can suggest contacts that may be the right fit. It is crucial you choose a builder and trades you feel comfortable with and confident in but are also happy and willing to collaborate and work with an Interior Designer. This makes for the best outcome on any project, as clear communication and cooperation is integral to executing the project.

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