Southern River Renovation

Modern & Eclectic

In Southern River, a newly engaged couple commissioned AppleLeaf Interiors to bring their property in line with current interior design fashion.

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A Warm Scandinavian vibe

The couple asked us to create a stylish home with a modern, eclectic feel. Working closely with the clients, we carefully considered every design element of the home to create the desired look, from the tiles and paintwork to the carpet, furniture and accessories.


Choosing a light-grey colour as the backdrop, we added warmth and colour to the home by using carefully selected artworks and soft furnishings. The end result is a warm, inviting home with a contemporary Scandinavian feel.



“A delight to work with…”

 – Anthony Parry, owner



Ready To Get Started?

Before we get started on the renovation, an initial consultation is required to scope out the space and collect your ideas. This consultation can be booked and purchased below.

Cost $375

Still Got Some Questions?

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